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I took the TMR anti-bullying pledge
Teresa Agnes. Group A, Subject A1 The Betrayer

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My Knight

Me and my best friend.


I’ll come back to  H A U N T  you.

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  • one year teresa rp experience
  • if y’all want angst, i’ll be here B)
  • i’m actually just a loser so like, hop on into my ask sometimes bro
  • wants to love you
  • multiship + multifandom = h a p p i n e s s
  • threads range from one liners to novella /wheezes eFFORT

Mariska Hargitay and Taylor Swift talking to eachother is the reason I’m living for rn.


Living Legend Appreciation Day: Key & Peele edition

I wanna remember you. Remember us. Ya know, before.
Me too.
Seems like we…
I know.

(…) He wanted to say more, much more. But nothing came.

xregulus, hisbxstfriend. I will reply with pain tomorrow. I promise.

hurts| starters

I honestly feel like moms are overrated.